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Wow!  Thirteen weeks have gone by really, really quickly – at least they have for me!  I hope that, by participating in these blog posts, that you have learned about at least a couple of new tools that you didn’t know about and are excited to try a couple of new things in the new school year!

When I first started this series, I intended to end today thinking that we were going to start back next week, on August 1st (hello, state legislature!).  Now, our delay is your gain.  With the extra time, you have a few extra days to go back and re-read and comment on any posts that you would like.  Don’t forget – participating in at least seven of the weeks gets you entered to win a Kindle Fire! 🙂

For our final entry, I’m going to leave you with a “slam” – a bunch of great tools for you to look at at your convenience.  There is a guy named Brandon Lutz who does an awesome presntation called, “60 in 60” – it’s 60 web tools that he presents in 60 minutes.  I had the opportunity to sit in on the presentation while I was at ISTE in June and it is amazing!  Talk about fast paced!!  I’m going to pass along his favorite 60 web tools for 2012 to you.   You don’t have to look at them all in an hour, though!  🙂  Some of them we’ve already looked at; some of them you won’t care for; it’s ok.  Use what you like, discard what you don’t.  The important thing is that you know about them and can make the determination for yourself!

Here is the link to the 60 in 60 website.  It has lots of information on it, including a Prezi presentation that you can watch that shows examples of each of these tools!

Ready?  Let’s go!

  1. Videolicious
  2. Prezi
  3. Poll Everywhere
  4. Edmodo
  5. Present Me
  6. Flubaroo
  7. Gooru Learning
  8. Spelling City
  9. Kid Zui
  10. Little Bird Tales
  11. Star Fall
  12. Hippo Campus
  13.  Course Hero
  14. Math Train
  15. Side Vibe
  16. Jog the Web
  17. Hackasaurus
  18. Simple Meet
  19. BlockSite (Addon) Firefox
  20. Class Dojo
  21. Mail Chimp
  22. Drop Box
  23. dushare
  24. iBooks Author
  25. Remind 101    http://remind`
  26.  Duolingo
  27. Boom Writer
  28. Scrible
  29. Paper Rater
  30. NBC Learn
  31. SpeakPipe
  32. Capzles
  33. Docs Teach
  34. Useful Charts
  35. Desktop QR Code Reader
  36. QR Stuff
  37. QR Voice
  38. ptable
  39. screenr
  40. anymeeting
  41. Jeopardy Labs
  42. Study Blue
  43. Pearltrees
  44. Spaaze
  45. Free Sound
  46. Vocaroo
  47. ifttt
  48. Blabbarize
  49. PhotoSynth
  50. Jelly Cam
  51. ToonTastic
  52. Producteev
  53. Reflection
  54. Tweet Chat
  56. Sumdog
  57. Smore
  58. Pinterest
  59. Mentimeter
  60. Incredibox

Comments on: "Week 13, July 25: The Last One – And a bunch of good stuff!" (6)

  1. Wow so many to look over/ I’m looking forward to checking them out. Thanks Sandy for sharing all these resources with us.

  2. okarrdms said:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog this summer. I really want to try some things with QR codes in my classroom this year. I’m glad you included some information.

  3. This one is my favorite. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. I look forward the next few weeks to checking out some of the 60 in 60. I have enjoyed the resources you presented to us. I plan to use some of these in my classroom. Second semester I may try a few different ones. I definitely have many to choose from.Thanks so much for presenting these resources to us.

  5. I am going to go back through all the great things you’ve posted on this blog! There are a few that I’m definitely going to use! I love the ones that let students share with each other! That will make research so much easier. I’ve used Prezi, but I intend to go through the tutorial again to fine tune my facilitation in class. I am going through the 60 in 60 very thoroughly! Thanks! it’s like Christmas in July for a tech lover like me! Thanks Sandy!! this has been great!!!!!

  6. Thank you Sandy for passing along such great information all summer. I love this last post and look forward to reviewing the latest list in detail!

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