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Happy 4th of July!  Or, maybe I should say, “Happy 5th!” since I’m sure that no one is online on a holiday!  Did any of you have friends and/or family over to celebrate the holiday?  If so, how many of you looked to Pinterest for ideas for recipes, decorations, cleaning tips, etc.?  I mean, really, is there anything that you can’t find on Pinterest??

What is Pinterest?  Pinterest is a virtual corkboard.  Imagine a real corkboard where you pin newspaper and magazine articles and clippings that interest you; Pinterest is just like that, only online – you are pinning websites instead of magazine clippings.  Plus, even better, you get to look at not only your corkboard, but the boards of thousands (millions!) of other users, too!  Here is a very brief video on Pinterest in Plain English.

Here is information on Four Ways to Use Pinterest in Education.

And here is more on 16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest

Pinterest is organized into multiple categories, from Architecture to Weddings & Events.  Interested in travel?  You’ll find information on Pinterest.  Want to redecorate your home?  Pinterest.  Like sports? Gardening? Children’s clothing?  Health food?  Yep, you’ll find it all on Pinterest!  Below is a picture of the categories that Pinterest currently has.

Now, here’s the thing about Pinterest’s categories….it’s pretty much a free for all once you click inside a category.  For example, I clicked on the Education category and the picture, below, is what popped up first.

See what I mean?  The trick is to find “pinners” that you trust and follow them. (Now, I’m going to make a confession here:  You don’t want to follow me on Pinterest.  I’m a terrible pinner.  I love to follow people; I love to look at what other people pin to their boards and how they organize their information; but, I don’t pin.  I need to do better!)  Here are some really good pinners for you to follow:

Did you get any ideas for your classroom?  In addition to lesson plans, décor, activities, etc., you can also use Pinterest as a repository for your students.  Pin websites that you want them to use for projects.  Students can also use Pinterest for collaborative projects!  So what do you think about Pinterest?  Do you see ways that it can help you as an educator?  Have you already used it as a classroom resource?

A last note about Pinterest:  If you do not already have a Pinterest account, you cannot just register and join like you can other sites; you must be invited.  If you are not a member and would like to have an invitation, just let me know and I will have one emailed to you (just let me know which email address to use for you).


Comments on: "Week 10, July 4th: Pinterest" (7)

  1. If you’re an MCS math teacher, be sure to check out the Pinterest boards that Amber Merrill created for grades K-8!

    • I would love to have a list of all the MCS pinners! I have found some by accident, and they are great! We could use pinterest for so many types of collaboration. Great post…now go an play a little- it’s a holiday!! 🙂

  2. THIS is my favorite. I have a personal one, but would like to make one for my library.

  3. I guess I am the only one not addictive to Pinterest. I went to the site a few months ago and have not been back. I was impressed with the pin from Auburn High School. I can see where this can be an excellent place for teachers to organize classroom activities. I do want to check out more educational pins. This will be a great way to collaborate with teachers.

  4. This is a great place. Dr. Jah has a site for West Madison. This summer I have found several ideas just looking at Kindergarten; from organization, activity ideas, etc…

  5. I am such a pinterest addict! I have found a lot of good ideas for my classroom through this site. Love the resources you provided us to follow. Look forward to seeing what else I can find.

  6. I love pinterest to activate my creativity. I like to look at what others have done with a particular topic and that helps me get to thinking about what direction I want to go.

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