Helping teachers integrate technology into instruction

I’m glad you’re here! The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to different Web 2.0 tools and offer ideas for how the tools can be used in instruction.  I was inspired to start this blog by a librarian in Connecticut who did a similar blog for her teachers – and who received her inspiration from a public library in North Carolina.  You have to love professional sharing!

So, how will this work?  Every Wednesday, I will post 1-2 new things for you to explore. The posts will include short videos, links to examples, and/or tutorials.  You can participate by learning about the tools and then commenting on the blog to ask questions, reflect on what you’ve learned, etc.

Now, for the fun part…!

This series will run for 13 weeks, May 2nd through July 25th. That means that you will be introduced to 13 – 20 instructional technology tools that you can use in your classroom next year! During the 13 weeks, teachers who participate by commenting on at least seven (7) of the weekly blog posts will be entered to win a Kindle Fire that will be given away at Institute Day on Wednesday, August 1st!

I hope you enjoy the next few weeks, and that you learn something that you can take back to your classroom for the next school year!  And, don’t forget to comment on at least seven (7) different blog posts to be entered for your chance to win the Kindle Fire on Institute Day!  Happy Learning!


Comments on: "Welcome to the MCS Instructional Tech Blog!" (11)

  1. okarrdms said:

    This is great! I love that I am going to be able to find all of these great tools in one place.

  2. This is a great idea…I have always enjoyed online learning because it is so flexible. I look forward to talking online to those in my own school system.

  3. I’m excited to blog…this is a cool way to stay in contact over the summer and to get new and innovative ideas for the upcoming school year(where ever I may be)!:)

  4. reignbo10 said:

    Very Interesting. Looking forward to instructional tool-making ideas!

  5. This is a great way to learn new tools. I am hoping to learn new tools to use in my class. I want to change some things and add new and fun projects

  6. Blogging and collaborating online is a fantastic way to share without having to drive to a meeting! I love learning online!

  7. Thanks Sandy! You know I LOVE this! I have a question? I already have a blog, with Blogger. I had to sign up with WordPress – but don’t really want to change. Can I connect and link to this blog. Ideas? AND…another question. How do I – or can I – post a ppt presentation to a blog? I’m late jumping on this…LOTS going on in the day to day. Can’t wait to get both feet in!!

    • There is a way to connect/link blogs together…I’m not exactly sure how off the top of my head. Let me look into it! I don’t know that you can post a ppt presentation as it is, but you can save the ppt as jpg slides and post those!

  8. krnichols31 said:


  9. Not sure I like to initiate a blog, but of course I like to participate in this one.

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